What Can I Expect at My Appointment When I Get My Dentures?

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If you’re about to replace your missing teeth and improve your oral health with a set of dentures in Frisco, Texas, then our Twins Family Dentistry team is happy to tell you what you can expect during your upcoming appointment.

You can expect the following four steps:

Step 1: To begin, your dentist will make a series of impressions of your mouth. Then, he will take measurements of your jaw and see how your two jaws relate to each other. Your dentist will also see how much space is between both jaws.

Step 2: Next, he will create models, wax forms, or plastic patterns that represent the exact shape and fit that your future denture will have. You will try this model on and will assess its color, fit, and shape before the final denture is created.

Step 3: Your dentist will then cast the appliance.

Step 4: Once the denture is made, you will try it on and will make any adjustments needed.

Once you complete these four steps, you will have the beautiful and functional smile you’re looking for. To learn more about dentures or to find out how to prepare for your upcoming appointment, please call our office today at 972-335-3000. Dr. Pantea Nooraee and our dental team are more than happy to help you, and we look forward to hearing from you!