Dr. Pantea Nooraee and Dr. Kelara Gandy

As identical twin sisters, Dr. Pantea Nooraee & Dr. Kelara Gandy were raised in a loving family and have been each other’s companions and best friends since they were born. They have also shared their educational journey together. Dr. Pantea Nooraee & Dr. Kelara Gandy grew up in Plano, Texas, and received their Bachelor of Science degrees in biology from the University of Texas at Dallas. As artists, they have taken pride and enjoyment in creating beautiful drawings, paintings, and sculptures. As members of the academic dean’s list, they completed their Doctorate of Dental Surgery degrees (DDS) from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Dr. Pantea Nooraee & Dr. Kelara Gandy have been awarded for their artistic abilities regarding the art and science of dentistry, including the prestigious Southwest Restorative Dentistry Award. During the past several years, they have enjoyed practicing dentistry in the Dallas area. They strongly believe that continuing education is a pivotal component of their practice and regularly attend courses to stay atop of the latest techniques and technologies available in dentistry.