The Importance of Mouthguards

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Protecting your oral health should be a high priority. Maintaining the health of your smile is extremely important because your oral health can actually affect your overall health. You should take precautions to protect your teeth, including wearing a mouthguard when you play sports.

Your teeth could suffer a number of injuries while you play sports. For instance, restorations could be damaged, teeth could be knocked loose, or your teeth could suffer cracks. If you experience any of these issues and don’t address them, you could ultimately have a number of other problems, including bad breath or be more likely to have gum disease.

There are a number of mouthguard options you can consider. For instance, you could choose a store-bought mouthguard. However, these can be uncomfortable and may not fit you well. You could also consider a boil-and-bite mouthguard, which will be more comfortable. Your best option may be to consider the benefits of a custom mouthguard made by our dentist. These mouthguards will fit more comfortably and provide better protection.

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