Take Care of Your Smile This Fall with an Oral Cancer Screening

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Did you know that one of the most serious illnesses that can afflict your mouth comes in the form of oral cancer? Oral cancer can affect anyone at any age, and there is an almost endless line of risk factors that can potentially set you up for potential cancer. In the United States alone, over 40,000 people every year are freshly diagnosed with the disease. Treating the disease often is most successful if it is found at an early stage.

Oral cancer often comes with signs and symptoms that it may be occurring. Always be on the lookout to examine your mouth to determine if any potential damage is occurring. Furthermore, having routine oral cancer screenings from your dentist is also highly effective for finding and treating oral cancers.

Check to see if your smile appears overly red, inflamed, or more flush with color than normal. Frequent bouts of bleeding and wounds that will not heal are often signs of oral cancer. In addition, if you have a constant sensation of a lump in your throat, or if you frequently suffer from sore throats, have decreased functionalities while speaking, struggle with opening and closing your mouth, then oral cancer may be present.

For an oral cancer screening, visit our licensed professionals at Twins Family Dentistry. To book an appointment with Dr. Pantea Nooraee at our dentist office in Frisco, Texas, please contact us at 972-335-3000. The time is now to make the change you wish to see in your oral health.