If You’re Looking For Whiter Teeth, Get a Professional Teeth Whitening!

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Teeth are amazing. Think about all those molars and incisors working daily to chew up your food. Not only do they help you with eating, they also are a big part of your smile. This is a task that your teeth might not be up for. Yellowed teeth and set-in stains can damper your smile. Your teeth make you happy. Why not make them happy? Come into Twins Family Dentistry and have a professional whitening treatment!

Your whitening treatment by Dr. Nooraee and Dr. Gandy will have your smile brightened in a short amount of time. Retail bought whitening kits take much longer than our professional treatment. Our whitening treatments are also more powerful than those retail whitening kits. When you leave Twins Family Dentistry your teeth will be eight times brighter!
During your whitening treatment, our dentists will take the time to measure out a custom amount of gel.

Drs. Nooraee and Gandy do this to ensure none of them will cause any discomfort by reaching your gum line. Custom fitted plastic trays will be placed over your teeth, and then the gel is placed inside them. A dental laser is also available to enhance the whitening process if it is necessary.

Please call Twins Family Dentistry in Frisco, Texas today to set up an appointment for a whitening treatment! We look forward to serving you.