Cavities on Molars and Premolars Can Often Be Prevented by Dental Sealants

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Tooth decay is always a cause for concern. It can be especially troublesome if a large cavity forms on the biting surface of a molar or premolar. This often calls for Dr. Nooraee and Dr. Gandy to repair the tooth with a large inlay or onlay filling.

One very simple way to prevent this from happening is to have dental sealants applied to your teeth at Twins Family Dentistry.

This is a special dental resin that is painted onto the deeply textured tooth enamel of the biting surfaces. This creates a protective layer that prevents stray food matter and bacteria from having direct contact with the otherwise healthy tooth.

Even if the bacteria become trapped in the pits and fissures of the biting surfaces, the dental sealants will keep bacteria from having direct access to the tooth enamel. The resin material is very durable and will not easily wear away from your twice-daily brushing. You can expect the dental sealants to protect the biting surfaces for many years.

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