Bleeding From the Gums? You May Have One of These Conditions

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Many patients consider the presence of bleeding gums to be harmless and nothing to seek treatment for, but bloody gums are a common sign of other oral health issues. We encourage you to not ignore your bleeding gums, but rather look into their underlying cause. We review three main causes of bleeding gums that may be contributing to your unhappy gum tissue.

Oftentimes, bleeding gums are the result of a periodontal infection known as gum disease, where bacteria irritates the gums and makes them bleed. You can recognize signs of gum disease as gums that are bleeding, red, and swollen; gums that pull away from the teeth; and persistent bad breath. These conditions should all be looked at by one of our skilled dentists at Twins Family Dentistry so that we can identify and treat any gum disease.

You may have bleeding gums if you tend to have poor oral hygiene habits. Neglected gums become complacent and are then irritated and can bleed when they are flossed and brushed. By improving your oral care routine on a daily basis, you can stop the bleeding within a week or so.

If you are pregnant, you may be at risk of pregnancy gingivitis as a result of your body’s changing hormones. In addition to bleeding gums, you may have signs of gingivitis such as swollen, tender, and red gums. It’s important to treat this stage of gum disease so that it doesn’t reach a more advanced stage.

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