All You Need to Know About Primary Teeth

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Primary teeth are also called baby teeth. They are the little chompers that grow into your child’s mouth and help them bite, chew, smile, and talk. Whether you believe it or not, these little teeth are quite important. In fact, they’re very important for a strong and healthy future smile. To help you know a little more about primary teeth in Frisco, Texas, Dr. Pantea Nooraee is happy to share some information with you.

Baby teeth usually start popping into the mouth when your child is about 6 months of age. However, every child is different, so don’t be worried if your child receives their teeth before or after this time. Your child will usually grow their lower front middle chomper first. By the time they stop growing teeth, which should be about 3 years of age, they should have 20 baby teeth.

It’s important to care for your child’s teeth regularly by cleaning them with a child-sized, soft-bristled toothbrush and water. You can also use floss to clean the crevices between the teeth when two chompers grow in next to each other. It’s important to refrain from giving them toothpaste until they are 3 years old because if they swallow the paste, they could get sick, and their little chompers might not be able to handle the fluoride just yet.

When your child loses their teeth, they should lose them in the order they came in, which means they will probably lose the front lower middle teeth first. After they lose their teeth, they will be replaced with 32 permanent teeth that will last many years. They should start losing their chompers around 6 or 7 years old.

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