A Dental Implant Supported Bridge Can Replicate Multiple Missing Teeth

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If you are missing one or more teeth, whether it is due to untreated tooth decay or severe oral trauma, you may not be as confident in your smile. Beyond the appearance of your smile, did you know that having missing teeth could actually harm your oral health? Your remaining teeth can begin to shift. That is why you might want to consider getting a dental implant supported bridge to restore your smile.

Once the affected periodontal tissues have fully healed from the trauma that may have occurred, you might consider setting up a consultation appointment with our dentist, Dr. Pantea Nooraee. Once he as assessed the severity of the situation and the overall health of your mouth our dentist might recommend restoring the missing teeth with a dental implant supported bridge.

This type of dental restoration starts with him inserting a pair of small titanium dental implants into the natural bone tissues of the void. As time goes on, the natural process of osseointegration can gradually marry the titanium material to the living bone tissues.

At that point, our dentist can prepare an abutment onto each dental implant to create the structural necessary for supporting a dental bridge. When it is ready he may cement it in place with a strong dental grade adhesive to restore the essential function of your missing teeth.

If you live in the Frisco, Texas, area and you have recently lost multiple teeth, you should call 972-335-3000 to set up a dental restoration consult at Twins Family Dentistry.